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Why you need Regular Hearing Tests?

Are you getting your hearing test regularly? It’s never too late!

Hearing loss can develop over time. Sometimes, it results from injury, but in most cases, it is age-related. Initially, it may be difficult to notice the changes. If they go unnoticed for a long time, they can result in complete hearing loss and other medical conditions. So, early intervention and regular hearing tests are essential to maintaining healthy hearing.

Stay ahead of your hearing health with regular adult and child hearing tests at Hills Audiology. Our comprehensive assessments not only enhance your quality of life but also offer convenience with no need for a medical referral.

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No medical referral is required for a hearing test.

Comprehensive Hearing Assessment – What is included?

The professional audiologists at Castle Hill perform multiple tests as part of a comprehensive hearing evaluation. These tests are often based on the person’s age, environment, or level of hearing loss.

Pure Tone Test 
It is the most common hearing test that measures a person’s ability to hear different pitches or frequencies. It involves wearing headphones and listening to tones while indicating when you hear them. The test helps create an audiogram, which shows your hearing thresholds and any areas of hearing loss. The results guide treatment options to improve your hearing.

Bone Conduction Test 
In this test, a special device called a bone oscillator is used. It looks like a small box attached to a metal headband. The headband goes over your head, and the box rests on the bone behind your ear.
During the test, different sounds are played at various tones and frequencies. However, this time, you “hear” the sounds through the vibration of the bone in your skull instead of the outer and middle ear. This helps confirm if any hearing issue is not because of something blocking your ear but could be related to nerves.
The results of this test are written down on a graph called an audiogram. It shows how loud the sounds need to be for you to hear them.

Speech Audiometry 
Speech audiometry is a diagnostic hearing assessment focusing on your capacity to comprehend spoken words. During this evaluation, you’ll listen to words or sentences presented at various volumes, responding by repeating or indicating your understanding. The primary goal is assessing your ability to comprehend speech and identifying potential hearing challenges. The test provides valuable insights into your auditory capabilities by exposing you to different speech stimuli. The results help audiologists analyse your proficiency in understanding spoken language, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of your overall hearing health. This examination is particularly useful in identifying specific areas of difficulty or potential hearing impairments, guiding professionals in tailoring appropriate interventions for your individual hearing needs.

Tympanometry is a diagnostic test that assesses the health and functionality of your middle ear. It involves placing a small probe in your ear canal, which changes the air pressure and measures the response of the eardrum and ossicles. This test helps detect issues such as blockages, fluid in the middle ear, or problems with the middle ear bones.
Tympanometry is a quick and painless procedure that provides valuable information about the functioning of your middle ear.

Sudden Hearing loss?

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Early intervention is key to treatment of sudden hearing loss. Urgent appointments are available on the same day.Please call Hills Audiology immediately for assistance.

Why you need regular hearing tests?

Regular hearing tests are essential for maintaining optimal hearing health and overall well-being. Here’s why you need to make hearing assessments a routine part of your healthcare:

Early Detection of Issues: Regular hearing tests enable the early identification of any potential hearing problems. Early detection allows for timely intervention and management, preventing further hearing deterioration.

Preventive Care: Just as you get regular check-ups for your eyes, teeth, and general health, your ears deserve the same attention. Routine hearing tests serve as preventive care, ensuring any issues are addressed before becoming more serious.

Monitoring Changes: Your hearing can change over time due to various factors such as aging, exposure to loud noises, or medical conditions. 

Preserving Cognitive Function: There is a strong link between hearing health and cognitive function. Regular hearing tests contribute to maintaining cognitive abilities and reducing the risk of conditions like dementia.

Improving Quality of Life: Addressing hearing issues promptly through regular tests enhances your overall quality of life. It allows you to stay connected with your surroundings, enjoy social interactions, and engage in daily activities without communication challenges.

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Incorporating regular hearing tests into your healthcare routine is a proactive step towards maintaining optimal hearing health, addressing issues promptly, and enjoying an improved overall quality of life.

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What we offer

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Thorough evaluation of hearing to determine hearing ability using Tympanometry, Pure Tone Audiometry, and Speech Audiometry.

Pre-employment hearing testing is available. Outside office hours, appointments can be arranged.

Specialised hearing tests for all preschool and school aged children including Tympanometry, Pure Tone Audiometry and Speech Audiometry.

After school appointments available

Government-funded Hearing Services available for pensioners and eligible veterans.

Hills Audiology is fully accredited to provide hearing care under the Hearing Services Program, inclusive of fitting hearing aids.

Workcover assessments are designed for measuring hearing loss/injury suffered through the nature of work, and/or, the work environment, and accessing compensation through Workcover NSW. It also includes fitting hearing aids.

On site ear measurements for custom ear plugs. These are suitable for hearing protection from noise, water tight ear moulds for
swimmers, measurements for musicians in ear monitors and custom ear moulds for hearing aid wearers.

Assessment and management of tinnitus (ringing, or any sound heard in the ear). Tinnitus can impact your sleep, well being and ability to focus. Many people struggle with tinnitus.

We can help manage your tinnitus.