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In the dynamic realm of industrial sectors, prolonged exposure to loud noise is a ubiquitous challenge faced by workers, particularly in areas such as factories, construction, and manufacturing. The toll on hearing health due to inconsistent protection or sudden triggers of harmful noise levels necessitates a comprehensive approach to address the impact on employees.

The NSW government, through Workcover, offers compensation for injury-related hearing loss sustained through the nature of work. Assessment under Workcover and compilation of documentation for processing the claim with both the insurance company as well as lawyers specialised in compensation claims, is a service we provide at Hills Audiology.

At Hills Audiology, the Castle Hill Audiology clinic , we recognise the significance of hearing health in the workplace and offer specialised services for Workcover assessments tailored to those affected by industrial hearing loss. 

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Understanding Workcover and Hearing Loss

The NSW government, through its Workcover program, extends support for individuals who experience injury-related hearing loss due to the nature of their work. Prolonged exposure to loud noise, a prevalent risk in industrial settings, is considered in these assessments. Hills Audiology provides a crucial service of assessing hearing loss under Workcover and compiling the necessary documentation for processing claims with insurance companies and legal entities specialising in compensation cases.

What are the different services included?

Our commitment extends beyond assessments; we facilitate the fitting of hearing aids when deemed appropriate. Furthermore, we provide maintenance and service for these hearing aids, ensuring ongoing support for those affected by industrial hearing loss. This comprehensive approach is designed not only to evaluate but also actively contribute to the well-being of individuals impacted by workplace-related hearing impairment.

Who is Eligible for Workcover?

The Workcover program is primarily aimed at individuals who suffer from industrial hearing loss accumulated over years of work in noisy environments. Mandated by the NSW Government, the program focuses on employee protection, including mandatory biannual hearing examinations in workplaces where noise levels exceed 85 dB. This proactive approach aligns with the commitment to identifying and addressing potential hearing issues early on.

Who performs my Workcover Hearing Test?

A clinician with Workcover certification completes the required tests. These evaluations can be carried out by a registered audiologist in Sydney with Workcover NSW using approved protocols and evaluation tools.

How much is claimable from an employer? Refer to
 Workcover NSW for up-to-date figures and official notices.

Do you work in a noisy environment?

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Hearing loss due to noise exposure can be prevented. At Hills Audiology we understand the importance of hearing conservation and the need to educate everyone at risk of noise related hearing loss ,on good hearing health.

Certified Workcover Hearing Tests

The evaluation process under Workcover requires the expertise of a clinician with Workcover certification. At Hills Audiology, these essential tests are conducted by registered audiologists certified by Workcover NSW, utilising approved protocols and evaluation tools. This ensures the accuracy and reliability of the assessments conducted for hearing-related Workcover claims.

How much can you claim?

The exact claimable amount from an employer is subject to Workcover NSW regulations and official notices; individuals seeking compensation for hearing loss and related services can refer to the Workcover guidelines for up-to-date figures and information.

At Hills Audiology, we stand as a sound solution for those navigating the complexities of Workcover assessments in the context of workplace-related hearing loss. Our expertise, commitment to comprehensive services, and understanding of the Workcover process empower individuals to address their hearing health concerns effectively, supporting their journey back to work and overall well-being.

What we offer

Our services

Thorough evaluation of hearing to determine hearing ability using Tympanometry, Pure Tone Audiometry, and Speech Audiometry.

Pre-employment hearing testing is available. Outside office hours, appointments can be arranged.

Specialised hearing tests for all preschool and school aged children including Tympanometry, Pure Tone Audiometry and Speech Audiometry.

After school appointments available

Government-funded Hearing Services available for pensioners and eligible veterans.

Hills Audiology is fully accredited to provide hearing care under the Hearing Services Program, inclusive of fitting hearing aids.

Workcover assessments are designed for measuring hearing loss/injury suffered through the nature of work, and/or, the work environment, and accessing compensation through Workcover NSW. It also includes fitting hearing aids.

On site ear measurements for custom ear plugs. These are suitable for hearing protection from noise, water tight ear moulds for
swimmers, measurements for musicians in ear monitors and custom ear moulds for hearing aid wearers.

Assessment and management of tinnitus (ringing, or any sound heard in the ear). Tinnitus can impact your sleep, well being and ability to focus. Many people struggle with tinnitus.

We can help manage your tinnitus.