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Hearing Aid


Navigating hearing aid prices shouldn’t be a barrier to better hearing. Funding opportunities exist to ease the financial impact, catering to individuals seeking to amplify sound for improved hearing.

Our commitment at Hills Audiology is to explore these funding avenues, ensuring you can access cutting-edge technology tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re considering entry-level or advanced technology levels, we strive to minimize out-of-pocket expenses.

For detailed information and personalized assistance, don’t hesitate to contact Hills Audiology at Castle Hill – your partner in achieving clearer, more vibrant hearing.

Government Subsidy

Pensioners and Veterans enrolled in the Australian Government Hearing Services Program can benefit from fully funded audiology appointments and hearing aids, with coverage ranging from complete to partial funding.

Additionally, Health Fund rebates for hearing aid fittings are available where applicable. By leveraging both Australian Government Hearing Services and Health Fund rebates, individuals can access advanced hearing device technology at reduced costs. This combined support empowers eligible individuals to make more affordable yet technologically advanced choices in obtaining the hearing assistance they need.

Health Fund Rebates

Private Health Insurance can help cover the expenses linked to acquiring hearing instruments, depending on your coverage level. To get specific details, it’s advisable to inquire with your Medical Health Fund.

Understanding your coverage ensures you make informed decisions about the financial aspects of obtaining hearing aids. Feel free to reach out to your Health Fund for more information on how they can contribute to making hearing solutions more accessible and affordable for you.


Patients with a Chronic Disease Management Plan from their GP or with a referral from an ENT specialist or neurologist, can access Medicare rebates to cover the cost of hearing testing. To access Medicare funding, patients will need to submit the GP care plan or specialist referral.


Hills Audiology recommends appropriate solutions from a full range of options, including hearing aids from all leading manufacturers.

What we offer

Our services

Thorough evaluation of hearing to determine hearing ability using Tympanometry, Pure Tone Audiometry, and Speech Audiometry.

Pre-employment hearing testing is available. Outside office hours, appointments can be arranged.

Specialised hearing tests for all preschool and school aged children including Tympanometry, Pure Tone Audiometry and Speech Audiometry.

After school appointments available

Government-funded Hearing Services available for pensioners and eligible veterans.

Hills Audiology is fully accredited to provide hearing care under the Hearing Services Program, inclusive of fitting hearing aids.

Workcover assessments are designed for measuring hearing loss/injury suffered through the nature of work, and/or, the work environment, and accessing compensation through Workcover NSW. It also includes fitting hearing aids.

On site ear measurements for custom ear plugs. These are suitable for hearing protection from noise, water tight ear moulds for
swimmers, measurements for musicians in ear monitors and custom ear moulds for hearing aid wearers.

Assessment and management of tinnitus (ringing, or any sound heard in the ear). Tinnitus can impact your sleep, well being and ability to focus. Many people struggle with tinnitus.

We can help manage your tinnitus.