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At Hills Audiology, we understand the importance of good hearing health and the impact it has on your quality of life.
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Hills Audiology is your local, independent, ethical and professional boutique hearing service. What sets us apart from our competitors is the individual care you receive.


We offer a hearing screen absolutely for everyone. If you have any hearing concerns, it is recommended that you have your hearing checked once a year.


We believe in the power of clear communication and education, guiding you and your family through every step of your journey to better hearing.

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& a comprehensive range of hearing services.

Hills Audiology believes in building solid relationships with the local community based on trust, understanding, and continuity of care. We take the time to listen attentively, comprehend your unique needs, and carefully select the most suitable hearing solutions to optimise your hearing experience.

Experience personalised audiology care. Book your hearing test with us today and embark on a journey to better hearing and a brighter future.

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Early intervention is key to treatment of sudden hearing loss. Urgent appointments are available on
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Our motto is HEAR TO LISTEN


Comprehensive hearing assessment for adults and children, including diagnostic testing for conductive and sensorineural hearing loss, inclusive of audiological report.

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There is more to hearing health than just fitting hearing aids, which is why our services go beyond that. We provide customised hearing solutions including headphones.


Even though tinnitus can happen without hearing loss, it is frequently a sign of ear and hearing damage. Help is available for management of tinnitus


Better hearing helps you maintain an active, healthy lifestyle.

What we offer

Our services

Thorough evaluation of hearing to determine hearing ability using Tympanometry, Pure Tone Audiometry, and Speech Audiometry.

Pre-employment hearing testing is available. Outside office hours, appointments can be arranged.

Specialised hearing tests for all preschool and school aged children including Tympanometry, Pure Tone Audiometry and Speech Audiometry.

After school appointments available

Government-funded Hearing Services available for pensioners and eligible veterans.

Hills Audiology is fully accredited to provide hearing care under the Hearing Services Program, inclusive of fitting hearing aids.

Workcover assessments are designed for measuring hearing loss/injury suffered through the nature of work, and/or, the work environment, and accessing compensation through Workcover NSW. It also includes fitting hearing aids.

On site ear measurements for custom ear plugs. These are suitable for hearing protection from noise, water tight ear moulds for
swimmers, measurements for musicians in ear monitors and custom ear moulds for hearing aid wearers.

Assessment and management of tinnitus (ringing, or any sound heard in the ear). Tinnitus can impact your sleep, well being and ability to focus. Many people struggle with tinnitus.

We can help manage your tinnitus. 


We provide a diverse range of highest quality hearing aids from the industry’s leading manufacturers.
You can access the latest technology and best solutions to overcome hearing loss.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) occurs when a person is exposed to loud sounds, typically measuring 85 decibels or higher. This type of hearing loss is a common issue among adults, particularly in industries like construction and manufacturing.

We carry out same day repairs on site and most things can be sorted out while you wait. When required, hearing aids can be sent to the manufacturer for full servicing.

Yes, at Hills Audiology, we encourage home trials of hearing aids. We believe that the best outcome for fitting hearing aids can be achieved by meeting individual hearing needs in the home environment.

Assistive listening devices (ALDs) are accessories designed to improve your hearing in specific situations, such as using the telephone or watching TV. For instance, Audeara/ Sennheiser produce television headsets that enable individuals with hearing loss to wirelessly connect and listen to their favourite shows at a volume that suits them without causing disruptions to those around them.
Eligible pensioners and veterans may qualify to receive these headsets at no cost. The selection of ALDs suitable for you will depend on your unique hearing loss and specific needs.

Microsuction ear wax removal is a modern and advanced method used to safely and effectively remove excess or impacted ear wax from the ear canal. Unlike traditional techniques such as ear syringing, which involve introducing water into the ear canal, microsuction is a dry procedure that utilizes specialized equipment for precise and controlled wax removal.